AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance & Repair

Just like your car needs regular AC Maintenance, so does your air conditioner and heating system. By having a well maintained AC you will have less service problems, lower energy bills, as well as better and more efficient air flow. If your AC is still under warranty, then you are required to have your AC maintained, in order to keep the warranty valid.

Regular AC Maintenance Saves Money!

Houston has brutal summers; the air conditioning will be blasting. It can also get a little chilly in the winter months. Your Local Hvac Inc. offers seasonal tune-ups; this keeps your system in prime condition all year round.

Small AC Issues Can Turn Into Big AC Issues

This is why its so important to keep up with maintenance. We ensure your full understanding of your home AC system. This way you’ll know if something is not working properly. We will do a complete evaluation of your home and figure out why your AC is not working properly. We offer you advice and many options to help you make the best choice. We offer prices and perks for each repair, replacement, or upgrade before starting anything, heat or ac.

$49.95 For A Spring-into-Summer AC Maintenance Tune-Up

This special tune up is not only for the spring, but we do recommend that it be completed around that time due to the heavy amounts of pollen and allergens that will make their way into your home.

This AC tune up includes:
AC Maintenance Chemically clean outside unit
Clean out all obstructing dirt and debris
Clean electrical compartment
Repair any loose wires at unit
Inspect and measure efficiency of unit
Inspect air ducts
Digitally inspect and enhance Freon levels (up to 1 lb.)
Treat filter with anti-microbial spray
Adjust and calibrate thermostat
Treat and flush out drain line